volunteer roles


– Time Commitment: Once every 8 or 9 weeks, as it only happens on a fortnightly basis.
– Bring a pint of milk.
– Coffee, tea and biscuits are in the kitchen.
– Before the service, switch on the boiler, both on the wall and the green rocker switch on the boiler itself.
– If you have time, get out the teapot, cafetières, milk jug, sugar and 15 or so cups.
– During the final hymn, go to the kitchen and make the tea and coffee:4 tea bags in the brown teapot and 3 scoops per cafetière.
– Empty the cafetières outside on the rough ground or put the coffee grounds in the bin…NOT down the sink!
– Liaise with whoever is making the teas for the 10.30 am service and leave out what they require. If no-one is following, SWITCH OFF the boiler.


– Time commitment: Once every 7 or 8 weeks, working with one or two other volunteers.
– Take turns with other(s) in your tea-making group to bring 4 pints milk (an ample quantity & you take the remainder home.) All other essentials are supplied by church.
– 10 mins before service, switch on boiler and set out mugs on trays, sugar basins, 8 teabags in large teapot & put to warm on top of boiler, coffee in cafetières.
– Before the final hymn of the service, return to kitchen to make tea & coffee & pour into mugs. Put out a plate of biscuits, about 12 plastic cups & a jug of juice for children.
– Take trays of drinks to clergy & congregation.
– Afterwards, collect cups, wash up and tidy kitchen, making sure that coffee grounds go into bin (not down the sink.)
– Turn off boiler and hang up tea towels to dry.


– Be part of a team of people involved in planning and/or helping on the day.
– Messy Church (for younger children and their families) happen 9 times a year at St John’s on a Sunday afternoon (usually); either in the Church or outside on the field).
– Messy Church is a mission activity, encouraging people to explore faith through a series of imaginative ‘messy’ activities.
– People help by: welcoming/registering people on arrival, overseeing/explaining activities, preparing and service refreshments, leading worship/prayer.
– You will need to complete a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) form when you start which the church will sort out for you.


Be part of a team of people involved in planning and/or helping on the day.
We are wanting to form a dedicated planning group for these monthly services.
– It takes about an hour to set up the church (usually on Friday or Saturday)
– People are needed to be on a rota to buy the food (croissants etc.)
– The food and drinks are prepared and put out between the two Sunday services.
We would be very happy to involve more people in helping lead these services.


– Being part of a small team for each publication, overseeing:
– Obtaining, providing and collating content
– Arranging layout and printing
– Co-ordinating distribution


Time Commitment: 2 – 3 hours on first and third Wednesday of the month.
Can you help out with making and serving teas and coffees?
Could you help by offering lifts to help with transport?
Help by setting up and later, clearing away, two or three tables in the Church Centre and Foyer.
Help by bringing the keyboard and stool from the church into the foyer and then returning them at the end of the session.
Most important is welcoming people, chatting to them and making everyone feel “at home”.


– In advance of the service, collate the slides provided by the Music Co-ordinator (hymns) with the regular service slides, and incorporate any additional material provided by those leading the service.
– There is a full set of instructions provided on the AV desk.
– Switch on the system (following instructions provided) (8.45)
– Get out wireless audio pack(s) for those presiding at the service
– Check battery power ok in packs (change as required)
– Check volumes during operation (at start of service)
– Switch audio packs (lectern / personal) on / off as required
– Shut system down at end of service (following instructions provided) (10.30)


Both men and women clean the church.
Each week 2 people work together for about 60-90 minutes. Until there are more volunteers on the rota it is about once every 7 weeks. We can arrange swaps if our week is inconvenient. New volunteers pair up with someone who knows the ropes.
The keys are passed on from the previous pair on the rota. We enter by the door near the vestry and the vacuum cleaners, dusters etc. are in the cupboard between the outer and inner doors to the church centre.
We vacuum, dust and tidy the church and vestry but not the church centre or loos. Although we can usually see what needs doing, on the cleaning cupboard door there is a list for each week of the month of particular areas to cover to ensure that if time or manpower is short, all areas will be covered over the month.
Cleaning rota currently paused because of pandemic.


– Flowers are needed in church for 40 weeks of the year.
– Flowers are put in the vases/pedestal every two weeks but the vases need to be topped up with water during the intervening week.
– One person buys the flowers and the greenery once every 2 weeks. (Approx £10 – £15). There is a flower fund.
– More will be needed for festivals: there are 8 window sills, usually 1 pedestal and the candle.
– Pass on the keys to the next person.


– Time commitment: one hour, once or twice a year
– Collect mower and extension leads (stored in downstairs cupboard in foyer)
– Mow grass in front of church (front lawn only)
– Tip grass cuttings under trees at west end of church
– Put everything away tidily and lock up
– Pass on key & instructions to next person on the rota.


– Time commitment: once every couple of months
– Training/advice will be offered – please ask for as much guidance as you require
– You need to commit to give time to prayerful preparation, to include looking at the Readings and reflecting on current events/concerns (whether local, national or global)
– You are welcome to contact the preacher to help tie in prayers with the sermon theme
– You lead the congregation in prayer for 3-4 minutes during the service
– You do not have to ‘include everything’ in prayer; better to focus on two or three key themes. Do not be prescriptive: leave people space for their own thoughts/prayers to form.
– There is always space for alternative/imaginative presentation of prayers in the services – but please consult with the person presiding if planning something very different.


– Time commitment: once every couple of months, plus occasional ‘in-service training’ if you wish
– You need to be able to read confidently and clearly, and with understanding
– Check details on monthly sheet and set aside time to practise reading in advance of service
– Arrive in good time and ensure you have a copy of the Reading to hand
– Read from the Lectern, using any opening/closing responses printed on the order of service


You need to be reasonably confident in playing an instrument or singing.
People play at most services, you will not be expected to be there every week but please let the music co-ordinator (Amy) know your availability in advance.
We are working towards setting up regular rehearsal times to help the group grow and develop together.


– When on duty you need to commit to arriving 15 mins before the service starts and staying for 15 mins after it ends.
– Help set up the altar for the service
– Assist the ministers throughout the service, chiefly at Communion
– Help clear up afterwards, washing items used during Communion and putting them away


– To unbolt top bolt on Baptistery side door (8.45 am)
– To give out service booklets and weekly sheet.
– Be aware of location of large print service booklets and hymn book and give out as required
– To welcome people as they enter church and give guidance to anyone requiring it
– Close nave door at start of service
– To take the collection during the offertory
– To advise children’s groups to come back to the main service (10.30)
– Be aware of the location of the fire doors and in the event of an evacuation being required open the doors and assist in evacuation (if safe to do so)
– Help deal with any emergency / disturbance as required
– Open nave door at end of service
– Collect the service books at the end of the service


– Up to 3 Sunday groups; Funky Monkeys (2-4), John’s Juniors (5-10), Think Tank (10+).
– Time commitments: between once a fortnight and once a month, during church, depending on the group
– You will be involved with leading the groups as part of a team of at least 2 people
– You will need to complete a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) form when you start which the church will sort out for you.
– Involves planning activities (craft, Bible study, stories, discussion) usually from a pre-planned resource pack.


– There are two groups; Dive (11-13) on a Monday and Deeper (14-18) on a Wednesday
– Time commitments: Flexible, though preferably at least fortnightly.
– Contributing to a team of volunteers, co-ordinated by a lead volunteer.
– Engaging with the youth and helping to assist with/planning games, bible studies and discussions as much as you are comfortable with.
– You will need to complete a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) form when you start which the church will sort out for you.