Meet the Team

The Rector

Rev’d Barnaby Huish is Rector of St John’s Church, Neville’s Cross and St. Margaret of Antioch, Crossgate.


Alongside our Rector


Associate Minister.

Nicky is a self-supporting minister recently retired from the NHS. She was a Reader for a number of years in Liverpool before moving to Durham in 2004. She trained at Cranmer Hall in Durham and was ordained in 2007. She is married to Mike.




Mike Chater is a Reader (a lay person trained in theology and ministry.) In his secular life he was a Civil Engineer before retirement. As a Reader, he leads services, preaches regularly, and shares in pastoral duties with the ordained clergy in the church. He is married to Nicky. 

A number of other clergy and lay people have permission to officiate.

CHURCH WARDENS – Jo Cundy and Kath Shanks


My background is as a lawyer, a clergy wife, and a writer. The Cundy family was part of St John’s in the 1980/90’s when my husband Ian was Warden of Cranmer Hall and I came back to Durham and St John’s in 2009 when Ian died. I have enjoyed reconnecting with the church family here, and exploring ways of deepening and sharing our discipleship, and growing in our spiritual awareness. Now I am excited by the way that the Covid pandemic is opening up new ways of being church in our community.


I am a retired Modern Languages teacher with a passion for community engagement and cultural exchange. Throughout my career, I had the pleasure of teaching French and German, fostering a love for languages and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

In my retirement, I remain committed to active involvement in various outreach activities at St. John’s. As a member of the editorial team of the Cross Quarterly Community newsletter, I enjoy sharing valuable insights, stories and updates to keep our community informed and connected.

I am also proud to be a part of the Open Door Café, a warm and inclusive space where individuals from all walks of life can come together, enjoy a cup of coffee, and conversation. This initiative aims to promote a sense of belonging and nurture a supportive community environment.

Additionally, I am thrilled to be a founder member of the Neville’s Cross Community Choir. Music has a unique power to unite people and uplift spirits, and, through our choir, we aim to spread joy and inspire others to join in the celebration of music.

I see the future of St. John’s as fostering strong connections within our community and collaborating with neighbouring churches. By actively engaging with the diverse needs and aspirations of today’s society, we can ensure that our church remains relevant and continues to make a positive impact. Together, we can create a welcoming space for all, promoting inclusivity, spirituality and a sense of purpose.

We should embrace the power of language, community and shared experiences, working towards a brighter and more connected future for St. John’s and the wider community.



I took up the treasurer’s job in retirement in 2018 after a career in teaching. I’ve worshipped at St John’s since 1980 when my family came to live in this part of the city. My children were all brought up locally but are now scattered afar, married with their own families. My husband shares my faith and we have a vision that our church has a role in the immediate community, as well as links with our neighbouring parishes.

Amy Ward


I came to Durham in 2015 to study theology, mission and ministry at Cranmer Hall, following a two-year stint overseas with ‘Latin Link.’ I joined St John’s during this time, having taught music in a previous life. As my degree came to a close, the feeling that God might be calling both me and St John’s to a more formal missional role became increasingly strong.

Consequently, since January 2019 I have been working part-time as the church missioner primarily in Bearpark, an ex-mining village in a neighbouring parish. Music forms an integral part of my work, and has been a particularly helpful way to build bridges between the church and wider community. It has been great working in partnership with Christians and other members of the community there.

Amy Ward has been our Music Director for several years and was employed part-time as a Missioner in Jan 2019.

If you’d like to know more about our music, click  here.

Alex Walker

Children, Youth and Families Worker

I’m very pleased to join the wonderful team and community at St. John’s. I grew up in Warwickshire, and relocated to the North East in 2019. After finishing university, and a time spent working in finance while volunteering at another parish church, I came to St. John’s so that I can explore and direct a prayerful and active ministry with the children and young people here.

I take inspiration from the translation of more traditional forms of worship for younger people, as well as the exciting new ways of spreading the gospel that the modern world has created. I believe in encouraging our young people in their own discipleship, so that they can build a relationship with Christ and be young Christians in the world.

At St. John’s, I am responsible for and involved in a raft of initiatives, including our fantastic Sunday Worship groups for children, the ‘Living Out Love’ partnership between St John’s and King’s Church, the exciting weekly toddler group PlayPeople, and our joyous monthly Messy Church. I am also responsible for developing and directing new kinds of outreach, such as spending time with local schools, and new worship activities at St. John’s.


The Parochial Church Council is elected to share with the Rector in giving direction to the Church. It performs functions of governance and strategic planning.



Three members of the PCC represent St John’s at Durham Deanery Meetings.



The Rector’s Secretary is Mrs Jane Holmes. She works on a part time, flexible basis and can be contacted during office hours via email using the contact form, phone (07423 797290); or via post to Antioch House, 66 Crossgate, Durham DH1 4PR.