Fair Trade

As a church, we believe it is important that we are aware of the people behind the products we use, and that we seek to promote justice through our own buying habits. Fair Trade aims to support producers in the developing world by offering them guaranteed minimum prices, premium payments to use for social projects, regular orders, and certified employment conditions. On manyfood products a Fairtrade Mark demonstrates that they have been sourced on Fairtrade terms, but other products don’t yet have certification standards so we rely on the accreditation provided by one of the trusted Fair Trade brands like Traidcraft. Fair Trade is helping millions of producers in Africa, Asia and South America to build more sustainable and resilient livelihoods for their communities, and assists them in responding to the challenges of climate change.

As well as trading in a wide range of fairly traded products, its charitable arm Traidcraft Exchange, undertakes international development projects to promote smallholder livelihoods and campaigns for trade justice and more responsible business practices.