Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Thy Kingdom Come is an annual call to prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday. The church has a programme of prayer during this time.

Thy Kingdom Come 2020 . . .
Prayer together . . .
Prayer for others . . .
Prayer and Care . . .

In these unusual times we have an opportunity to focus in prayer on what God may be saying to the church, and to the world, and to pray that people will find new faith in Jesus, and will experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  The challenge of coronavirus means that we will have to find some different ways of being involved in this global time of prayer, both as individuals and as a church. Having looked at the resources and suggestions available on the central website, we outline here some options that seem practical and ‘do-able’, and which we could encourage all of you to choose from and join in with:



– On a daily basis, pray the Lord’s Prayer each day, using the video by Barney (with sign language) available on the youtube link below;  and end the day with Night Prayer  using the video by Barney also available on youtube.  

– As a family / household, use the Family Prayer Adventure Map on the TKC App, which can be downloaded for free, and access games and reflections. Abby will be in touch with families to explore ideas and resources.

Pray for 5 people you know to come to a new experience of faith in Jesus – on your own or with one or two friends using social media. As you pray for friends and neighbours, find ways of showing creative and practical care for those friends and neighbours.

Use your daily exercise for a Prayer Walk in your locality and pray for the homes, people, businesses etc. that you pass.


“ The people devoted themselves to prayer…”

Below are some simple suggestions that may be helpful:

In advance as you prepare to pray :

  1. Consider where you will pray and how you can minimise distractions. What posture(s) will you adopt? (If a chair is too comfortable this can encourage sleeping!)
  2. What will help you create a sacred space in which to pray – a lit candle, a Bible, pen and paper, holding cross, any object that has particular significance for you that will encourage your hope and trust in God, some suitable music, a cup of tea?!

Settling into prayer can take various forms. Use the first 5 minutes or so to change pace and slow down. Still and quieten yourself. Possible ideas to help with this: consciously breathing deeper; focusing on a candle; using a simple form of the Jesus Prayer and repeating it slowly and thoughtfully several times (LordJesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me); using a simple mantra/ prayer word(s) like Peace, Be still, Come Holy Spirit; listening to a song eg. 

When you feel ready (if you discover you want to stay longer just being quiet and with God, then do! These are ideas not rules! Be prompted by God) you may  like to select a Psalm that praises God eg Ps 35 v 1-10; 113; 135 v 1-7; 147 and read and turn this into a short time of thanking and praising God.

Then, again when ready, move onto a time of intercession using ideas from below or any that the Holy Spirit prompts. You may like to use Bible passages/verses to aid your prayers eg Dan 9: 17-19; Eph 1: 16-19; 3 :14-21; Romans 8: 18-27 . 

You can also express your prayer in other ways than words. In picture, movement, song, poems etc. Be creative! Don’t forget to leave space to listen for God – any matter on your heart will be on His too! If your situation makes it
possible pray out loud. If the time flies you do not have to stop at the end of the time you signed up for!

Pray for God’s Kingdom to Come in……(in no particular order..!)

  • The hearts and lives of the 5 people you and others may have prayed for during Thy Kingdom Come
  • Your church, the deanery, diocese, Anglican Communion worldwide
  • The new Benefice of which we are all members, as we journey together
  • The Church post corona – what new thing may God be doing?
  • The world as it continues to be impacted by the Corona pandemic. Finding ways through and out of lockdown
  • All who have died recently and families that grieve
  • Countries struggling with wars, famine, natural disasters
  • A country of the world close to your heart – choose and then pray
  • Those who live in poverty and with injustice, all who live with prejudice, oppression and violence
  • Local, national and international governments and their leaders
  • The current Climate and Environmental crisis and global cooperation in finding ways forward
  • “Brexit” and our relationship with Europe
  • Any who are sick in mind, body or spirit and all who care for them
  • Your own family, friends and yourself 



“Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”
Psalm 62:8